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Our Ethos

KoMo's mission is to produce good quality snacks. Savoury snacks that stand-out for their flavour and nutritional value without the nasty additives. Honesty is at the core of who we are, what we believe, and who we want to be.

Being honest with ourselves
Being honest with our customers
Being honest with our partners
Being honest with our suppliers
Being honest with our future colleagues
Being honest with our future investors

Eat well

Do well

our story

About Us

We crave for a nutritious savoury snack so we decided to make our own, and that is how the KoMo Good Foods story began.

We grew up in families where food was at the center of our daily life. We come from Mexico and Spain, both countries with a strong culinary heritage. Our happiest memories are always framed by a family and friends meal experience.

KoMo is inspired by our growing-up memories of savoury snacks: tasty, simple & natural. A savoury blend that would make our ancestors proud. A snack that brings ancient culinary heritage into modern convenience.

We all love snacks, and in today’s hectic life, we all eat snacks.

So let’s enjoy snacks that are nutritious and tasty at the same time.

We want you to enjoy KoMo as much as we do!
Annette & Sofía.

Contact Us

We are a growing company and would love to hear from like minded people to work with.
KoMo Good Foods is based in London, UK.
For any enquiries please email us.